Why Choose a Licensed Electrician?

When it comes to electrical services, it’s best to turn to licensed residential electricians. While there may be several handymen in your area, licensed professionals can provide several benefits that they cannot. Bailey and Shipp Electric explain more. 

Licensed Electricians Ensure Quality

Licensing helps ensure that electrical work meets certain quality standards. For instance, a DIY electrical job may be well-done but it isn’t guaranteed to be of industry standards. In fact, it’s rather easy for a DIY job to go wrong, especially without the proper training. Licensing requires a certain project to be done a specific way by trained professionals to ensure quality. This is important, especially when it involves a critical home necessity.

Licensed Electricians Prioritize Safety

Licensed electricians undergo training to sharpen their sense of safety, helping them become more aware of the possible dangers on site. When you turn to our electricians for residential electric repair, we will identify any hazards that can harm your home and your family. This ensures that when the job is done, safety issues can be addressed, giving you peace of mind.

Licensed Electricians Obtain Permits

Some electrical work requires you to apply for permits from the city. Performing work without permits can cost you greatly, so it’s important to accomplish these beforehand. As a licensed electricians, we can identify the required permits and obtain these on your behalf, helping you avoid costly fines.

Performing DIY electrical tasks may seem simple, but the slightest mistake presents several risks to your household’s safety. Turn to a licensed electrician like us for guaranteed success. For electrical repair and generator installation services, look no further than Bailey & Shipp Electric. Call us today at (410) 457-3507 to learn more about our different products and services. You can also schedule a consultation. We serve Columbia and the surrounding MD communities.