How to Pick the Right Generator for Your Home

You may not need it now, but having a generator at home is part of preparedness for storms and other events that result in a power outage. If this is your first time buying a generator for your home, your local licensed residential electricians Bailey & Shipp Electric can give you a quick overview of the kinds of generators that you can buy. 

Here’s a short rundown.

Picking the Size of Your Generator

Before you shop for a generator, determine the amount of power your home needs. You wouldn’t want to buy a small and underpowered one, nor would you want one so big it would cost too much, take up too much space, and be costly to operate. Go around the house and make a list of lights and appliances that you want to keep using during a power outage. This may include your refrigerator, air conditioning, and maybe your computers if you work at home. An average home would require about 5 to 6 kilowatts of power.

Two Main Types of Generators

There are two main types of generators you should consider before making a choice:

  1. Standby Generators – These generators automatically turn on in case of a power outage, are equipped with advanced features such as self-diagnosis, and require professional generator installation services. These units have a high output and can be adapted to use different kinds of fuel.

  2. Inverter Generators – Inverter generators are similar to portable generators, except for a couple of important differences. First, this kind of generator has an inverter circuit that converts its “raw” generated AC to DC, then “inverts” it to clean, single-phase AC. These generators are ideal if you have computers, HD TVs, and other devices with complex electronics. The second difference is that such generators throttle up and down to match your power requirements.

If you’re not sure which one to buy, you can ask local experts like Bailey & Shipp Electric for buying advice. To learn more about generators or our other services like residential electrical repair, call us today at (410) 457-3507. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment or service call. We serve many areas in Columbia, MD.

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