Whole House Generators

Bailey and Shipp Electric Generator experts will help determine the right generator for your home or business based on your power needs and home or business size. From there we manage all aspects of your generator install, from ordering, permitting, gas work and expert installation, even service if you ever need it done.


Power outages on the east coast are occurring more frequently than before due to the ever expanding population and construction. Even if you have buried power lines this does not mean your home will not lose power, sub stations as well as the power feed to your home can be compromised from one storm leaving you without power. Talk to the professionals at Bailey & Shipp Electric, we’ll keep the power on for you.


Whole house generators come in all sizes, from keep the essential power on during a storm to powering your whole house. Our generator experts will help you figure our which type works best for your home or business. We our certified installer for Generac Generators as well as Kohler Generators.


Most generators are fuels by either propane or natural gas. On occasion diesel is needed for larger commercial buildings to fuel the generator. We can help you choose which type is best for your home or business.


Once we have determined what size generator you need, we take care of everything from hooking up the fuel, setting the generator and getting your panel tied in. The only thing you need to do is wait for the power to go out and enjoy your home or office.


During a utility power outage, a standby generator provides numerous advantages over a portable, the most important one is you don’t have to be there to keep your home or business up and running.