Projects to Consider While Tackling a Home Renovation

Dealing with a major home renovation can be overwhelming. As much as possible, you should stick to the checklist of items you devised beforehand. Then again, there are other tasks that you may not have thought of during the planning phase that are worth considering.  Incorporating them during the renovation project may not only save you time and money but also prevent potential problems in the future. 

As one of the area’s top residential electrical repair pros, Bailey & Shipp often works with homeowners in the midst of home renovations. In today’s blog, we discuss the projects that are worth taking on during your project.

Check Your Insulation

While some areas of your home are opened up–and therefore more accessible–during your renovation, you might consider adding more insulation, especially if you have an older home. With this upgrade, you can save on future energy costs. New insulation can even block out sounds coming in from outside and help prevent fires from spreading.

Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring and Panels

Older homes have up to a 100-amp service, which isn’t up to today’s standards. During your renovation, consider hiring licensed residential electricians to assess your home’s electrical components to see if they need to be replaced. New panels ensure the safety of your home, while a new set of wiring can prevent short-circuiting within the walls.

Treat New Drywall for Termites

Renovations often involve knocking down walls, so it makes sense to schedule termite treatment before setting up your new drywall. Also, make sure to choose the right materials for pest prevention, such as pressure-treated lumber and composite materials that are resistant to insects and decay.

Bailey & Shipp is one of the local area’s leading electrical contractors. Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive and dependable service regardless of your electrical needs. We also provide generator installation services to give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency outage.

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