Why Should You Invest in Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans have been popular for decades due to their energy efficiency and space-saving benefits. Modern ceiling fans are even more efficient and take up less room than air conditioners. Also, they not only help keep rooms cool, they can also keep them warm.  

Discover the best reasons to install ceiling fans in your home from a trusted residential electrical repair expert. 

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Ceiling fans aid in creating a steady breeze that helps bring your interior to the perfect temperature. They work well with air conditioners and help circulate cool or warm air throughout your home. In the summer, you can use these fans to create a cool breeze, and during the winter they can help warm your home if you reverse the rotation so the blades turn clockwise.  

Wide-Angle Lighting

Many home interiors designed by owners have poor lighting. This problem can be fixed with a ceiling fan. Units with bright, broad light can illuminate a poorly-lit room. Some ceiling fans feature four bulbs, providing plenty of light while using less energy. Moreover, ceiling fans can be more cost-effective than wall scones, chandeliers or pendant lights. 

Better Efficiency

Most licensed residential electricians would tell you that ceiling fans are more efficient than other types of fans. They move larger amounts of air, creating a cool breeze that can lower ambient temperatures by up to eight degrees. This translates to savings of up to 40 percent on your cooling bills. 

A More Peaceful Environment

Old ceiling fan models used to create a loud buzzing noise when they’re running. Fortunately, newer models with timber blades don’t have this problem anymore. These fans are very quiet, which makes them great for bedrooms and libraries. 

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