When Should You Worry About Electrical Noises?

On a quiet day, you might notice a buzzing or humming sound around your home. While this could possibly come from critters outside, it could also be a sign that your home has some electrical concerns. In today’s post, one of the leading commercial electrical contractors, Bailey & Shipp Electric, shares if you should be worried about electrical noises and what these noises can mean. 

What Do They Mean?

Keep in mind that all appliances make sounds, with some being louder or quieter than others. However, those people who have keener hearing may be better able to hear “electricity” itself as compared to others. This sound isn’t really electricity in and of itself, but rather the sound of the current coursing through the wires of your home and its appliances. This sound is created by alternating currents that cause fluctuations in the magnetic fields, which creates vibrations. This shouldn’t be of any concern, however. In most cases only large-voltage appliances create these kinds of sounds.

When Should I Be Concerned?

Your electrician would most likely tell you that you only need to be concerned if the sound is louder than usual. Appliances such as monitors, computers and lights can create white noise, but if this noise becomes bothersome, you should probably have it checked out by an electrician. If you notice the noise coming from a specific appliance such as the television, shut it off and unplug it immediately. Also, it’s advisable not to plug anything else into that outlet until the source of the noise has been determined. Another major source can be your electrical panel. which makes a humming noise. This could signify a malfunctioning breaker or broken fuse. Don’t attempt to shut it off on your own, or you could be shocked. Contact your local electrician to assist you right away.

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