3 Common Ceiling Fan Problems & How To Fix Them

Ceiling fans are great to have in your home. They can provide additional comfort during hot summer months and aid in proper circulation. They also work in conjunction with your HVAC system to keep you and your family in a comfortable environment year-round. Like most appliances, however, ceiling fans can develop issues, especially when they’re constantly running or are a bit on the old side. Fortunately, most ceiling fan problems are easy to fix, and in today’s post your trusted electrical contractors from Bailey & Shipp Electric share a solution to three of the most common ceiling fan problems.  

Ceiling fan makes too much noise. It’s normal for a ceiling fan to make noise, but if you notice that the sound it makes is getting to be a bit too much, this may be a sign of loose fan connections or fixtures. Loose parts will also make a clanking sound when the fan rotates, which can be annoying, to say the least. If your ceiling fan is making too much noise, make sure that it’s properly lubricated and everything is screwed on tightly. 

Flickering lights. Most ceiling fans also come with light fixtures, and it’s common for lights to flicker when a bulb is burnt out. Simply replacing the light bulb can fix this problem, but if it persists even after you install a new bulb, this could indicate a bigger problem. At this point it’s best to call on a trusted electrician

Ceiling fan is stuck on one setting. A common problem that ceiling fan owners experience is for the fan to get stuck on one speed setting or just not produce enough air. This could indicate a problem with your ball bearings that can easily fixed by lubricating them, but it could also mean that your fan is defective or the motor is failing. If you notice that your fan can only be set to one setting, it’s best to have it serviced or replaced.

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