Stop Losing Your Charging Cube!!

Eliminate Device Clutter! 

Don’t let those bulky USB adapters, like the big box at the end of your iPhone charger, hog your outlet space. Put in a power outlet with USB ports instead.

Who doesn’t have a whole bunch of devices that are charged via USB? These days every device is charged with some sort of usb plug, be it micro usb or one of those pesky Apple chargers that they keep changing. Now a days the companies are even trying to eliminate the plug portion and only provide the wire which means you have to find an alternative method to charge your device.

USB receptacles are great, they eliminate the need for bulky USB adapters that hog valuable outlet space. They are especially useful by the bed, where many of us stash all kinds of USB-equipped devices, such as phones, tablets, and e-readers. That stuff competes for space on a standard duplex outlet that may already be serving a desk lamp or a clock.

First, these receptacles are generally available in two basic configurations: One is a combined 120-volt and DC-charging device (like the ones above); the other is for USB charging only. The latter may be fine next to a regular outlet in a home office, but it’s not much use on its own by the bed. Next, keep in mind that though both types of outlets have multiple USB ports, most have a total charging capacity of 5 amps or less. The more demanding the charge load you place on them, the more slowly your electronics will charge. In fact, many USB outlets can’t charge two tablets at the same time. If a couple of smartphones, an iPad, and a Kindle all need an overnight charge from one outlet, check its USB amp output before buying it.

Finally, these outlets are deeper than a standard receptacle. While a typical receptacle measures about 11/16 inches deep, these devices vary from 1 3/8 inches to 1 7/8 inches. Big deal? Not really, unless you’re working in an old house with small electrical boxes or you have a box that’s already crowded with wires. Either choose another location or do the necessary electrical renovation and install a larger box.

With this simple change you will feel a little more comfortable when the kids devices need to be charged and your still looking for that first cup of coffee.

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