Expert Electrical Tips When Remodeling or Building an Addition

Remodeling your home will help increase its appeal, value and functionality. Meanwhile, building an addition is a more cost-effective route than moving for growing families or households with changing needs. These projects, however, may involve making changes to your electrical system.  

Here are some expert tips from one of the area’s leading residential and commercial electrical contractors

Set aside funds for unexpected problems. When creating a budget for your remodel or home addition, be sure to allocate funds for unexpected problems, such as plumbing or electrical issues. Being prepared for unlikely situations can help prevent delays with your project. 

Hire experienced, licensed professionals. Major home improvements and building additions are best handled by trained professionals. Make sure to hire only a licensed, experienced electrician for your project. Before hiring anyone to work in your home, always do your research, read reviews, check credentials and ask for references.

Make sure to plan your electrical access. The electrical work in your renovated space or home addition will depend on the position and wiring of the electrical outlets. It’s essential to know where your appliances will go and where you may need outlets for lighting, tools and other electrical devices.  

Plan your lighting ahead of time. Before the actual construction begins, you should already know where the lighting fixtures will be placed. Planning your lighting in advance will help keep your project on schedule. Keep in mind that making changes at the last minute can significantly affect your timeline and may result in additional expenses. 

For your home electrical needs, you can always depend on Bailey & Shipp. We’re one of the area’s most trusted electrical contractors. Give us a call at (410) 457-3507 or fill out our contact form to request a service appointment. We work with clients around Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia, VA.

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