The Basics of Recessed Lighting

The key to a well-lit interior is the layering of different lighting fixtures to create various effects. Recessed lighting can be the defining feature of the style and function of your interior. Bailey & Shipp Electric, one of the top electrical contractors in the area, explains what you need to know: 

Why You Need Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting provides a clean, streamlined look to your home. It not only increases the amount of light in one room, it can also be used to highlight artwork or any specific features of your interior. Additionally, recessed lighting can open up the space, making it look and feel bigger.

When to Use Recessed Lighting

Most recessed lighting fixtures can be easily installed between ceiling joists or during major remodeling projects. Some recessed fixtures are designed for retrofit applications and can be slipped into an existing ceiling space. However, when doing this, choose fixtures rated for use near insulation, or IC housing rated if your ceiling is insulated, to ensure its safety. As a licensed electrician, you can count on us to help you properly install recessed lighting.

Where to Install Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Avoid installing recessed lighting fixtures in rows down the center of the room as it can give off the look of an airport runway. Instead, match the size of your lighting fixtures to how close they can be installed. Four-inch fixtures should be placed four feet apart while six-inch fixtures at six feet apart.

Install your recessed lighting fixtures about 12 to 18 inches in front of the object you want to highlight, be it a painting or drapery panels. When lighting three-dimensional objects, we recommend lighting it from more than two angles for a better effect. To use recessed fixtures as a reading light, carefully install them overhead where your head and shoulders won’t block the needed light.

Learn more about recessed lighting from one of the leading residential and commercial electrical contractors, Bailey & Shipp Electrical. Call us today at (410) 457-3507 to learn more about our different products and services. You can also schedule a consultation. We serve Washington, DC, and the surrounding communities.

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