Making the Most of Recessed Kitchen Lighting

No one wants to cook in a cramped, disorganized kitchen, and neither do they want to prepare meals in a depressingly dim one. While functionality should always be the main consideration when it comes to kitchen remodels, design and function are so intertwined that it’s hard to separate the two. Lighting is one such design element that’s essential to a comfortable, functional kitchen. 

A good number of electricians recommend installing recessed lighting for your kitchen. Bailey & Shipp, a top residential electrical repair company in the state, shares some tips on how to make the most of recessed lighting in your kitchen.

A Lack of Visible Fixtures Equals Sleek Kitchen Design

Ask any professional chef and they’ll tell you that good workflow is essential in professional kitchens. The same holds true for home kitchens; everything within the room, from appliances and equipment to the people themselves, must be placed in such a way as to allow for a smooth flow and seamless transition from one area to another. And what could be more disruptive than a lone lighting fixture protruding from a perfectly flat ceiling?

Recessed lighting is the key to achieving the sleek aesthetic desired in modern kitchens. With the lights set into the ceiling, there is minimal visual obstruction, thus the ceiling’s flow remains uninterrupted. A few strategically-placed pendant lights can also be used in conjunction with recessed lights without affecting the flow too much.

Enhance Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic by Highlighting Certain Areas

Monochromatic stainless steel stovetops and granite countertops are essential parts of any minimalist kitchen. Use recessed lighting to highlight these features and heighten your kitchen’s visual impact.

Create a More Intimate Setting for Your Guests

Of course a kitchen today is no longer just a place to prep and cook meals; it’s also a place where you can entertain friends and family and host casual dinners. By having local licensed residential electricians install recessed lighting directly above your kitchen island, including dimmers for those around the perimeter of the kitchen, you can create a more intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.

Future-Proof Your Kitchen Aesthetic by Installing Recessed Lighting

Concerned about whether or not the aesthetic of recessed lighting will age well?

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but recessed lighting is a timeless design element because it’s never been an integral part of any trend. While it fits in well with a minimalist kitchen, it’s never been a definitive element of any trend and thus can be integrated into a wide variety of design styles.

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