5 Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting helps boost your home’s curb appeal, even at night. With the right combination of lighting, your outdoor landscape can be transformed into a completely different setting. Residential electrical repair and installation company Bailey & Shipp discusses the different types and methods of landscape lighting. 

Uplighting — As the name suggests, uplights are directed upwards, and are used to accent tall structures such as trees. The taller the structure, the higher the power requirement will be. Instead of uplighting all the trees in the yard, choose a few standout trees that create visual appeal.

Downlighting — Downlights can be mounted on trees, posts or their own stands. These lights can be aimed at lawns and paths for a moonlit effect. We recommend investing in durable brass or copper housings, as repairs, replacements and even repositioning the lights can be difficult. If you’re worried about cumulative energy consumption, licensed residential electricians like us can help you calculate the projected amount of power consumption and choose appropriate fixtures.

Spotlighting — Spotlights can be installed in any direction. Whereas uplights and downlights provide a wider sweep of light, spotlights emit a narrow beam. They can be used to focus on a prized plant, a water feature or some other relatively smaller feature. Bullet-style fixtures are ideal for this purpose, due to their compact size.

Backlighting — Backlighting highlights a feature’s silhouette for dramatic effect. Depending on the size of the feature, a spotlight or an uplight can also be used. The fixtures themselves are typically installed behind the feature to avoid glare.

Crosslighting — Crosslighting is combining two or more fixtures from different directions to create a multi-dimensional effect. It can also be used effectively in areas that require continuous lighting, such as walkways. Careful planning of lighting positions is  important so you don’t end up with more light than your landscaping needs, which could result in a harsh look.

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