Signs That You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s power supply, and like most home systems, it will eventually require an update. Bailey & Shipp shares the signs that indicate you need to update your electrical panel. 

Electrical Panel Feels Warm

A warm electrical panel indicates an electrical overload, worn-out components or improper installation. It generally isn’t safe to continue using the electrical panel if this is the case. Shut down the power mains and schedule an appointment with your local electrician.

Electrical Panel Gives Off a Burning Smell

A burning smell indicates a bad circuit breaker or an improper connection. Continued use can place your home at risk, so it’s generally recommended that you shut down the power mains until you can have it looked at by an electrical professional. In most cases, the electrical panel will need to be updated, especially if your electrical usage has increased since the electrical panel was installed.

Electrical Panel Is Still Equipped With a Fuse Box

Fuses may have been the standard back in the 1960s, but they’ve been made obsolete by safer and more efficient circuit breakers. This is why electrical contractors recommend having fuse boxes replaced even in the absence of obvious damage or problems. Fuses burn out and need to be replaced, which is an inconvenience that can be avoided by using resettable circuit breakers

Electrical Panel Trips Often

Plugging too many appliances into a single circuit will trip a typical circuit breaker. If yours tends to trip even though the circuit load is well below the threshold, the breaker may need to be replaced. Consult an electrical contractor if this issue persists throughout the house. The same can be said if lights dim or flicker frequently, especially when you use other appliances.

You’ve Upgraded or Purchased New Appliances

While many of today’s appliances are energy efficient, using several at the same time will increase the load on your home’s electrical panel. A typical electrical panel 20 years ago tops out at 60 to 100 amperes, while today’s panels can have up to 200. The higher ampere count gives your electrical panel more headroom to accommodate the increased load.

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