Why Is Your Electric Bill Higher Than Expected?

Was your last electric bill higher than you were expecting? If so, you’re not alone; countless homeowners are often caught off guard by an unexpectedly high monthly bill. What causes these discrepancies? One of the best electrical contractors in the area discusses the possible reasons below. 

Items Left Running

Many cases of high electric bills can be attributed to simple carelessness. It might not seem like much at first, but the combined consumption of multiple lights left on and devices left running and plugged in even if they’re not being used will have a big impact on your monthly bills. Fortunately, this can be “fixed” just by making sure you turn the lights off as you exit the room and turn off and unplug appliances after using them.

Poor Insulation & Ventilation

According to commercial electrical contractors, HVAC systems tend to be major energy hogs, especially if they’re getting overworked. Poor insulation and ventilation will force your HVAC system to work harder, using more power over time and increasing your monthly bill. This is why you should check your home for signs of air leakage or drafts.

Faulty Wiring

Problems with your home’s wiring could cause it to come in contact with something else. This not only causes your wire to send electricity where it’s not needed, it also creates a serious fire hazard that could threaten the entire household. If you receive a high electric bill and know you’re responsible with your electric consumption, you need to get your wiring checked for signs of damage.

Outdated Appliances

If you already had your wiring checked by an electrician and they found nothing wrong, you should consider getting newer, more energy-efficient appliances. Older appliances tend to use up too much energy, even if you’re careful to unplug them when they’re not in use. Common items that have to be updated include old refrigerators, HVACs, TVs and monitors and washing machines.

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