Signs that You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Although your home’s electrical wiring isn’t exposed to the elements like the roof and windows, that doesn’t mean that it’s not prone to having problems related to wear and tear. Since problems arising from electrical problems can be dangerous, you have to watch out for signs that you need to schedule an electrical inspection done by licensed residential electricians

Frequent Flickers

Have you observed instances of lights flickering in your home, even though you just recently replaced the bulbs? Flickering can be an indication of a loose connection, inadequate power or even short circuiting. Problems like this can occur anywhere, and only an electrician can verify if the problem is located in an otherwise inaccessible part of your home.

Strange Odors

Have you noticed a hint of the smell of burnt or melting plastic in some areas of your home? This could be a sign that your electrical wiring is overheating due to having too much load or short-circuiting. If you observe this, call residential electrical repair experts, because the problem could lead to anything from equipment damage to a major house fire.

High Electric Bills

Have you noticed that your bill is relatively high compared to the previous months? A home with inefficient electrical wiring could end up raising your home’s monthly electrical consumption. You need to schedule an inspection to see if your current electrical system is due for an update.

New Electrical Additions

This one’s less of a sign and more of a precautionary measure. Simply adding new lights or wall outlets runs the risk of overloading your home’s electrical system. In order to avoid this problem, experts in generator installation services recommend having your wiring checked by an electrician to see if you need to retrofit, or in some cases, even replace your home’s existing wiring or circuit boxes.

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