A Brief Guide to Surge Protectors

In this modern world, the influence of technological advancements has extended to home electronics. As you invest in home technology, following safety measures becomes increasingly important. This includes protecting your devices from unwanted damage, particularly damage caused by power surges, or spikes in your home’s electrical current.

Surge protector

A power surge is defined as a sudden increase in voltage. When the level significantly exceeds the standard 120-volt flow of electricity in your home, it can cause any electrical wires and devices plugged into your sockets to overheat, which can eventually create a fire. This is why any electrician in your locale will recommend the use of surge protectors.

What Is a Surge Protector?

The main goal of surge protectors is to protect your electronics from power surges and prevent heat-related damages. A surge protector attempts to control excess voltage supplied to an electric device or appliance, directing the unwanted voltage to the grounding wire. Also called earth wire, grounding wire is responsible for dissipating the electrical current by sending it safely down into the earth..

To simplify the information from reputable electrical contractors, surge protectors use a voltage-dependent resistor to determine when to send off the current. During a sudden spike of voltage, the semiconductor within the resistor starts to conduct electricity normally. 

What Are the Considerations for Choosing a Surge Protector?

Before you proceed to a local hardware store, learn about some important considerations you should think about when choosing the best surge protector for your home.

  •  The clamping voltage is the measure of voltage that will prompt the surge protector to divert unwanted current from your devices. Look for a trigger voltage of 400 volts of less for optimal use.
  •  Find a protector with a joule rating of 700 or more. The higher the number, the better the rate of energy absorption will be.
  •  Choose the surge protector that has the shortest response time.
  •  Make sure that the surge protector has a warranty before you buy it to protect yourself from spending money on defective products.

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