How to Safely Install & Use Christmas Lights

Twinkling, brightly-colored Christmas lights are a staple of holiday decor. But before you string them along your roofline or hang them on your walls, you first need to consider a few essentials. Here a trusted residential electrical repair company in the area, Bailey & Shipp Electric, shares some safety tips to follow when installing and using Christmas lights.  

  • Use the appropriate extension cords. The fact is that poorly-installed Christmas lights can lead to major safety issues. One way to prevent these is by using the right extension cords. If you’re hanging exterior Christmas lights, make sure to use outdoor extension cords, since they’re more heavy-duty. Take care not to plug too many cord connectors into the outlet, and avoid placing the extension cords in high-traffic areas (like under the welcome mat) to prevent overheating. 

There are ways to run your Christmas lights more safely and efficiently while limiting the number of extension cords you’ll have to use. Licensed residential electricians like those at Bailey & Shipp Electric can help you with this. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your lighting needs and match you with an excellent solution that meets your needs.

  • Check and test the lights before putting them up. You’ll want to make sure there are no burned-out bulbs, cracked cords or frayed wires on your Christmas lights. Any strands that appear damaged should be thrown away. Even if it seems like there isn’t an issue, you should still test the lights first and make sure they’re actually working properly before installing them. 

  • Avoid leaving the lights on 24/7. Keeping them on all day and night is not just a waste of energy, it can also increase the potential for safety issues. For this reason, make sure to unplug the lights before leaving home or going to bed.

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