Bailey & Shipp’s Energy Conservation Guide for 2021

Upgrading to more “energy-efficient” appliances can make big changes in your power consumption (good changes, in this case, as evidenced by lower utility bills). This certainly makes a difference, but not as much as changing your actual power consumption habits.

In today’s post, one of Maryland’s most well-reviewed licensed residential electricians, Bailey & Shipp Electric, suggests the following behavioral modifications in terms of using electricity.

Seal the gaps. Any interior space that can be sealed and protected from outside air can be cooled and heated much more efficiently. In fact, in the winter, you may not even need heating at all if your interior is well-insulated! Start by finding and identifying gaps, cracks and leaks in fenestrations (windows, doors and skylights) and your roof. Follow this up with an aggressive caulking procedure.

Inspect your insulation as well. If your attic insulation is wet and clumped in places, it may already be worthless.  Most residential electrical repair experts would advise you to replace it ASAP.

Mind your heating and cooling. Speaking of heating and cooling, these processes account for nearly half of your energy bills. To make sure your systems are working at full efficiency, have a professional look at them from time to time and perform cleaning and/or maintenance. The air filter, for example, get clogged easily, which forces the unit to consume more energy than necessary.

Smart thermostats. Investing in a smart thermostat, or at least a programmable one, can make a huge impact on your energy bills. You can save on heating and cooling when no one’s home by programming it to wait until there are people at home to benefit from it to turn on. Smart thermostats are even better for this, as you can use them even when you’re on the go via a smartphone app or smart assistant.

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