Tips for Illuminating Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor lighting can affect the mood and feel of your porch, deck or backyard living space. Choosing the right kind of lighting will aid in creating the perfect place to relax or host a party for your family and friends.  

Here are tips for illuminating outdoor living spaces from Bailey & Shipp, one of your most trusted residential and commercial electrical contractors

Basic Lighting Types

Incorporate ambient, task and accent lights in your outdoor lighting. You can get ambient light from hanging lights, wall lights and post lights. Pathway lights, as well as deck and security lights, are examples of task lighting. Further, you can accent certain features of your home’s exterior and landscaping through the use of landscape kits and spotlights. 

Select Suitable Fixtures

Make sure that the fixtures you’re choosing are suitable for the size of your space. Pick high-quality, durable lighting that’s made from weather-resistant material. You may want to ask for help from a professional electrician when it comes to the proper placement of your exterior lighting. At Bailey & Shipp, our team will help you find the best outdoor lighting for your home. We can give advice on the most suitable lighting for your needs and provide efficient installation. 

Choose LED lights

Compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED lights use significantly less energy. They’re also virtually maintenance-free. 

Look From the Inside

Take note of how your outdoor spaces look from indoors. Looking from the inside of your house out can help you determine which lights to choose and where to place them on your porch or in your outdoor area. 

Consider Subtle Lighting

Dimmer lighting is perfect when dining outdoors with guests. The soft glow from outdoor lanterns and pendants creates a peaceful and relaxing mood. 

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