The Importance of Regular Electrical Maintenance

Electrical systems are more or less the same as most other systems in your home in that they need periodic routine maintenance to make sure they stay in good shape. But unlike roof leaks or plumbing problems, residential electrical repair jobs are far more dangerous. If left unresolved, problems with your wiring, connections and appliances could threaten your family’s safety by starting fires and cause other serious damage to your home. 

Let our expert electricians at Bailey & Shipp share with you why keeping up-to-date with regular electrical inspections is the best way to protect your home.

Always Trust the Professionals

Enterprising homeowners may want to save a few dollars by carrying out their own electrical maintenance, but this is a very bad idea. Even if you have some basic knowledge about how the wiring in your house works, licensed residential electricians will always have a much deeper insight into and better understanding of your electrical system. They’ll be able to spot potential problem areas and patch them up properly. Any mistake, big or small, could spell disaster when it comes to electricity, so you certainly don’t want to risk a DIY approach to your electrical maintenance.

Important Reminders

Electrical inspections must always cover the following areas to ensure reliable service:

  • HVAC Systems – There’s a great likelihood that your heating and cooling systems run 24/7. This makes your HVAC a vital system to include in a whole-home electrical maintenance inspection.

  • Outdoor Lights – Porch lights, fence lights, bollard lights and other outdoor lighting systems are exposed to the elements all day long. Have a professional check them for potential problems so they don’t suddenly go out when you need them most.

  • Fire Risks – Any other part of your home that contains electrical wiring carries a potential fire risk. Regular maintenance will allow your electrician to find and repair weak spots right away.

At Bailey & Shipp, we’re your leading provider of electrical maintenance inspections, generator installation services and more. Give us a call at (410) 457-3507 or fill out our online contact form to request a service visit today. We serve homeowners in Columbia, MD.

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