Electrical Jobs That You Should Not DIY

For your safety, you shouldn’t do any electrical work unless you’ve been trained and certified to do so. Many homeowners try to fix electrical problems themselves, thinking they can save time and money. However, like other property-related work, some DIY projects can invalidate your insurance. 

Here are the jobs that are best handled by licensed residential electricians.

Wire Replacement

Wiring can be confusing, especially if you don’t know anything about it. It takes years of training before professionals can do it safely. and correctly. This is a task that should be done by a pro.

Electrical Code Corrections

Older homes often require a lot of code correction. You need a residential electrical repair contractor for this job. The professionals are familiar with the current code, which updates frequently. Experts also have the proper training and tools to accomplish code corrections promptly and efficiently.

Dedicated Circuit Installation

Dedicated circuits allow you to safely use high-wattage appliances. They’re essential for microwaves, refrigerators, modern televisions and other appliances. Installing them requires knowledge of wiring and outlet installation. Mistakes can mean lost money and possible electrical shock.

Fixture Installation

While to some it may seem easy to install a ceiling fan or light fixture, it actually isn’t. Any mistake with the wiring or installation can cause the appliance or light to blow up. Think about the amount you spent on the appliance and what you’ll have to pay to repair any damaged area in your home. Electrical Panel RepairYour electrical panel or breaker box is the brain of your home’s electrical system. It controls and maintains how much current flows through your home and where it goes. You should know which part of your home each breaker powers so you can easily shut it off in case of an emergency. However, you shouldn’t mess with a breaker box because mistakes can lead to power surges, home wiring problems and other dangers.

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