A Guide to When Permits Are Needed for Electrical Work

Fixing a busted outlet, adding extra light switches, installing a new lighting system–electrical work can greatly vary in terms of complexity, but all of it deals with something that poses the risk of electrocution or fires. As a safety precaution, certain types of electrical work require permits before proceeding. Here our licensed residential electricians give you a rundown on these types of jobs.

Electrician working on wires in an exposed ceiling in a construction site

If There’s Something New

If the work includes installing new outlets, light fixtures and other electrical home components, it will involve laying out new circuits to hook up to the home’s main power supply. This requires measuring the wires and identifying the right wire thickness, as well as understanding the max electrical load that the power supply can handle. Getting any part of this wrong can result in short circuiting or even fire, so you need to secure a permit for this type of work.

Converting From a Fuse Box to Circuit Breakers

Switching from a fuse box to a circuit breaker is easily one of the most dangerous types of electrical work that can be done in your home. This is because there’s no way to shut off the power while working on these components. Working with live wires should never be attempted by an untrained person, which is why a residential electrical repair specialist needs a permit before proceeding.

How Do You Secure a Permit?

Permits are issued by the local building department in your area. However, securing a permit is easier with help from a residential electrical repair specialist since they’re more familiar with the process. As long as you’re working with a certified professional, you won’t have problems getting a permit.

Trusting Local Professionals

Since working with an expert is highly recommended, it’s important to make sure you’re working with someone you can trust. Whether it’s for generator installation services or something minor like general electrical inspections, choosing a local contractor is better because you’ll be choosing someone that’s already established in the community.

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