4 Electrical Safety Tips for Pet Owners

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), around 67% of U.S. households own a pet. As a responsible pet owner, you want to ensure their safety and keep them from encountering electrical hazards around your house. Here a residential electrical repair company provides essential tips for minimizing electrical dangers to your furry friends. 

Keep cables out of sight. For pets like puppies and kittens, electrical cords are the main source of electrical-related hazards. Their curious and playful nature may lead them to chew on these wires and connections and potentially receive a severe shock that can threaten their lives. To prevent this, consider covering your cords with a thick plastic sleeve or ask your local pet store for a bitter-tasting product that can be put on or around such items to repel animals away from them.

Don’t leave charging cords plugged in. When not in use, don’t leave your phone or computer cords plugged in, as pets and toddlers may accidentally put them in their mouths and get shocked or burned. According to licensed residential electricians, these can not only put a pet’s life at risk, but your property as well.

If you suspect that your pet has chewed on an electrical cord, quickly check for signs of injury. These include burns, coughing, mouth irritation, increased drooling, and indicators of pain and distress like whining, yelping or yowling. If you detect any of these warning signs, immediately seek veterinary attention for your precious pet.

Be sure your night lights and appliances are completely plugged into outlets. Your pet’s paws, toes or tongue can easily come in contact with partially exposed prongs, making them a potential electrical hazard. Moreover, pets can get entangled in dangling cords and pull appliances such as lamps and televisions down on top of themselves.

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